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Raving Theosophy was founded on the principle that religious discussion is a good and healthy thing, but that in most religious discussions, eventually someone is going to say something that will make all right-thinking people want to curbstomp them.

My name is Squid. I'll be your community maintainer today. I wear size-thirteen boots.

Discussion of all matters religious and religion-related are welcome in Raving Theosophy, as are people of all religious persuasions, atheists and agnostics included. The same goes for members of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders and other adjectives. No one will be officially censured for their beliefs, though they may be so censured for presenting them in a way that is aggravating or otherwise against the community charter or for their practices, and those rebuking others merely for believing things will recieve swift and brutal retribution.

There are other rules, of course, arranged below by category, but all of them boil down to: think before you speak; don't be annoying; don't be too easily annoyed. The details are subject to change, but the gist will stay the same.

The Rules

  • Do: The things in this section are anywhere from acceptable to compulsory.

    1. Discuss religion and related matters. I mean, just in case you missed this when I mentioned it above. For the purposes of this community, 'religious matters' is a fairly broad and vaguely-defined category which can include anything from actual worship to the making of natron.
    2. Stay on the subject. If it has nothing to do with religion, or if religion is only very peripherally involved, it doesn't belong here. Posts related directly to the functioning of the community are considered on-topic; I will make most of them myself.
    3. At least pretend you have a passing familiarity with the language. This community's official language is English. If you feel compelled to use some language other than English, at least punctuate it correctly. Line breaks were invented for a reason; use them if you want anyone who likes their eyes pain-free to read anything you write.
    4. Have some perspective. Your beliefs are silly. So are everyone else's. Behave accordingly.
    5. Have a sense of humor, too, while we're on the subject of silliness.
    6. Disagree. It's inevitable. I wouldn't have started this community if I didn't expect there to be differences of opinion.
    7. Debate. Again, this isn't something one starts a community like this expecting to avoid. However,
    8. Act like an adult. I don't care what age you are. If you can't comport yourself with a certain amount of maturity, you really shouldn't be allowed to handle religion anyway.

  • Don't: I won't go farther than a slap on the wrist over any of the don'ts, but it will be an embarrassing, public slap on the wrist.

    1. Make posts with comments disabled. It's a discussion community.
    2. Get all worked up about topic drift. Original posts must be relevant to the subject of the community, but comments on them need only be relevant to the original post or the comment they are written in response to, which means they will occasionally have nothing to do with religion. That's how discussion works.
    3. Use the 'dyslexia' or non-native speaker excuses if you can't abide by Do #3. This very nearly went into the stab section: I am serious about this.
    4. Flame. That's my job.
    5. Launch attacks ad hominem. It's tacky, it makes you look like an idiot, and it makes me want to rearrange your anatomy.
    6. Make me come down there.

  • Stab: Anyone who can't show me a note from a licensed medical professional explaining why they're too big a fucknugget to not do the things on this list will be publically flayed and their skin nailed to the wall as an example to the rest. Repeat offenders will be banned.

    1. One-True-Wayism. If you have a Way, and you think it's the One True one, and, more importantly, you want to tell everyone about how much more True it is than theirs, you're a boor. Go away.
    2. Trolling.
    3. Posting without reading the rules. It's not that damn difficult.

  • HADOUKEN!: Engaging in any of these behaviors will result in your immediate removal from the community and the slow, painful destruction of everything you have ever loved.

    1. Harassment. If someone makes a reasonable and polite request for you to lay off, do it. I will decide what constitutes 'reasonable and polite' on a case-by-case basis. Off-community harassment qualifies, but I will need some kind of proof that it's happened before I do anything.
    2. Spam. Our penises are quite large enough, thank you. As of 23/06/03 this includes advertising of any kind, including plugs of other communities not somehow provoked by an ongoing discussion.
    3. Sabotage. This is any attempt to screw with the community on a code level without permission (working for LiveJournal qualifies as permission). It's also not something that strikes me as emminently likely, but I needed a third item here.

Credits: lilairen named the community, provided the code and supplied about half of the interests; ibnfirnas provided another approximately-half. I lifted the do/don't/stab/HADOUKEN! system nearly wholesale from scattersane, who gracefully gave permission.

I can be contacted at sleepwalk (at) gmx (dot) co (dot) uk or, obviously, on the community.
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