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Raving Theosophy


Participate tonight... Jul. 2nd, 2007 @ 12:48 pm
Just wanted to stop by and encourage you to participate in the BlogSwarm Against Theocracy (BAT) going on now through wednesday.

PLEASE contribute your blogger skills on this important topic and participate in the sequal to a very successful Easter weekend Blogswarm Against Theocracy. Visit the links below for more information, and consider writing something tonight to contribute. It's not too late!!

More info linked on my journal here: http://enlightened77.livejournal.com/732247.html
or at The BAT Blogspot homepage.


The Singularity: No Room for Spiritualism? Feb. 18th, 2006 @ 07:48 pm
"Un-initiated" readers may see here for an introduction. Wiki also has a fantastic entry on the Technological Singularity.

Interested viewers can find a reader of Singularity-relevant literature here.

I'd like to get other's opinions on this subject.

A recent thread at singularity_now has degraded into a pool of vomit.

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So, with all that background, what do folks over here think?
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talk amongst yourselves Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 12:37 pm
So, in a perhaps vain attempt to resurrect some of what this community was originally for--discussion of thorny religion-related issues in a more-or-less academic sense--I present for your consideration a contemporary news article:

Coverage has varied in its description of the ritual performed, but the main elements seem to have been marking the lintels and doors of the room, invocation of the names of all figures to be involved in the proceedings, anointing of seats with oil in conjunction with an invitation of a God into the room to watch over and influence affairs, and a final symbolic marking on the main door upon exit, along with profuse prayer and possible breaking-and-entering. Online religion-journalism magazine The Revealer has linked to a few sources and offered commentary on the political and activist-group affiliations of the ministers involved.

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Jan. 11th, 2006 @ 10:08 am

Early last year, while sitting in a dim lit theater waiting to see a film on the Kumbh Mela ritual - a friend asked if I was still “battling my demons”.

As this was someone I’m extremely enamored and inspired by – I gave the glib
response “Hell, I’ve just accepted their presence and welcomed them in”.

A truth in itself – but an easier lie than the greater truth of fear and disillusion.

As words can cast fate – it seems I initiated an open-door policy for dark shadows.
It’s been a year of hauntings, this past.

But lately – things seem to be culminating towards that zero point.
A reckoning is at hand.

Partly drug-induced – and part hereditary schizoid parable-unfold – it seems the communion has commenced.

Light flashes glimpsed through peripheries.
Shadows dash in fast passing.
Busy meddling mind parasites.
They whistle while they work . . . (demonsong or symptomatic tinnitus?)

I’m alert to their presence.
I know what draws them out.
I know what riles them up.

They are not me – but of me – and that skewed dharma-self.

Banishment is in order. Their effective usefulness worn.

All the while . . .
the prosperity of career
the commitment to academia
are conspiring to evolve.

Sabbatical. The deconstructionist holiday.

I, the ringleader.
No three-ring circus for trinity seekers.

My ring concentric – infinite.

DENVER AREA: Book of Thoth Class Fri. Nov. 18 Nov. 18th, 2005 @ 12:13 am


Friday Evening, Nov. 18, 6-9pm:


Gallery XZanthia
820 w. 8th ave
(near the corner of 8th & Santa Fe)
Denver, CO


Open the Book of Thoth, the 'Tarot of the Egyptians', for yourself! Bring a Tarot deck if you own one; Thoth deck is ideal but any will do.

Instructor Zoshua Zintel encourages all to explore the mysteries of the Tarot by cracking the basic code within its pages. As a collection of art concepts compiled by sages through the ages it helps one tap into the Collective Unconscious. Come explore the Thoth Deck as created by the Lady Frieda Harris under the conceptual direction of Aleister Crowley. By learning the mnemonic keys the Book transforms from mysterious collections of art into a readable mirror of the mind!

"Know Thyself!"

Zoshua has taught Hermetic Kabbalah, Tarot & Astrology for over 15 years. He is also a senior member of the Theurgic organization H.O.O.R.. Having worked, learned and taught at various Temples & Lodges of H.O.O.R. around the country, he brings a unique blend of passion, synthesis and distillation from various cultures and mythologies. Other venues which have hosted Zoshua's workshops & courses include the Garrett-Light Center, Baywinds Adult Learning Center, and Borders Books.

RSVP & Details!

Links of interest:




Outer College of the G.D.

Online Preview of Fourfold Word Vol 1: Magick Revised
by Ray Eales Fra. 939.'.

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Other entries
» The New Spirit
A local web resource has some fun quotes I thought you all might like.

The New Spirit
» Encouragement
Just a little encouragement to help this planet in these difficult times:

» Hmmmmmmmm.......
The Soul is bound to the body by a conversion to the corporeal passions; and is again liberated by becoming impassive to the body.

That which Nature binds, Nature also dissolves; and that which the Soul binds, the Soul likewise dissolves. Nature, indeed, bound the body to the Soul; but the Soul binds herself to the body. Nature, therefore, liberates the body from the Soul; but the Soul must liberate herself from the body.

Hence there is a two-fold 'death'; the one, indeed, universally known, in which the body is liberated from the Soul; but the other, peculiar to philosophers, in which the Soul liberates herself from the body. Nor does the one entirely follow the other.



I'm new to the group - greetings!

» "The Alchemy of the Soul" -
Supposedly an acient Egyptian text has been rediscovered and translated.
This alchemical text is one of the oldest surviving alchemical manuscipts from the Egyptian Mystery schools and according to experts dates to around 2649–2150 B.C.

That'd still put it significantly newer than the Pyramid Texts as well as the Book of the Master of Hidden Places (a.k.a. "The Book of the Dead"), but interesting nonetheless.

Those folks at The Book of Thoth have a pretty strict policy on reprints:
Please note that this ancient alchemical manuscript can be found only on this site and cannot be published/re-produced without the written permission of The Book of Thoth. This material cannot be reproduced under the "Fair Use Notice" - 17 U.S.C § 107.

With that in mind, I'll respect their wishes and not reprint the full text - but will include an excerpt. The full text can be found here.
Know your rules mean nothing to all the things that created themselves permanently, because you are only a half of who you are. Until you are complete you will follow by need, the rules of man, until you are complete and start to follow the rules of everything else, that by its purity seems so simple to you although by its perfection is far beyond your judgement.

You may seek those white lords, upon their white realms, that stand between your world and the one of the gods, deciding by their own will when to stay, when to go. And yes, let me tell you their privilege is a rare gift upon this earth that guides them by the laws of the eternal creation. Their secret is no other than being children of the rain, being that water coming down from the sky only to return to it after. The circle that never breaks. No beginning. No end.

One step away from freedom though you shall be. Oh white lord, because among your learning about the nature of true things you have learned that their infinite permanence is nothing else but another stage of the way, the one that stands before becoming everything.

I have no idea as to the validity of their claim, and I'm not interested in defending the legitimacy of the text. If it appeals to you, and you find merit within, great.

Interesting timing, considering the recent rediscovery of some of Newton's alchemical texts. It's a shame that people still haven't caught on, erroneously thinking that physical gold was the focus of transmutation.

Thanks go to iacchus for pointing this out.

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"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought." - Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi
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