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"The Alchemy of the Soul" -

Supposedly an acient Egyptian text has been rediscovered and translated.
This alchemical text is one of the oldest surviving alchemical manuscipts from the Egyptian Mystery schools and according to experts dates to around 2649–2150 B.C.

That'd still put it significantly newer than the Pyramid Texts as well as the Book of the Master of Hidden Places (a.k.a. "The Book of the Dead"), but interesting nonetheless.

Those folks at The Book of Thoth have a pretty strict policy on reprints:
Please note that this ancient alchemical manuscript can be found only on this site and cannot be published/re-produced without the written permission of The Book of Thoth. This material cannot be reproduced under the "Fair Use Notice" - 17 U.S.C § 107.

With that in mind, I'll respect their wishes and not reprint the full text - but will include an excerpt. The full text can be found here.
Know your rules mean nothing to all the things that created themselves permanently, because you are only a half of who you are. Until you are complete you will follow by need, the rules of man, until you are complete and start to follow the rules of everything else, that by its purity seems so simple to you although by its perfection is far beyond your judgement.

You may seek those white lords, upon their white realms, that stand between your world and the one of the gods, deciding by their own will when to stay, when to go. And yes, let me tell you their privilege is a rare gift upon this earth that guides them by the laws of the eternal creation. Their secret is no other than being children of the rain, being that water coming down from the sky only to return to it after. The circle that never breaks. No beginning. No end.

One step away from freedom though you shall be. Oh white lord, because among your learning about the nature of true things you have learned that their infinite permanence is nothing else but another stage of the way, the one that stands before becoming everything.

I have no idea as to the validity of their claim, and I'm not interested in defending the legitimacy of the text. If it appeals to you, and you find merit within, great.

Interesting timing, considering the recent rediscovery of some of Newton's alchemical texts. It's a shame that people still haven't caught on, erroneously thinking that physical gold was the focus of transmutation.

Thanks go to iacchus for pointing this out.

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